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Mobile Dance works on co-creative participatory dance projects with individuals and communities.


We are mobile in that we move to meet people where they live, work, go to school or meet in the streets. We seek to support people developing mobility in whatever way they wish: in their bodies, their personal development and in their relationship to the world around them. We work with dance and the body as way to activate collective processes, hopefulness and action in these increasingly troubled times. 


We understand co-creative processes as research for collective living: a laboratory in which people can investigate what they share through creative processes. What groups might share might be a location in which they live, study or work, or perhaps a concern.

We have observed over the years that when we make dances together, we interact in different ways; the rules of communication shift, sometimes spaces open which can allow us to imagine alternative relationships and alternative worlds.

When we began, our work was focused upon activiating mobily between oursleves and those people who joined our processes. Nowadays, we sustain this focus and also increasingly seek to work for mobility in the structures, social situations and conditions alongside the communities with whom we work, trying to support individuals and communities to identify, articulate and make the change they want to see in their everyday context and their community. In this way, we seek to co-create more social justice in the contexts in which we work.

To find out about the different strands of work we do, please scroll over the images above.

Like many small organisations, we are still managing the effects of the pandemic. We are have currently scaled back our projects as we manage the effects of illlness and regulations upon our work. We are sorry but we do not have opportunities for artists seeking work. Should you wish to hear about opportunities to work with Mobile Dance in the future, please sign up for the newsletter under “contact”.

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