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Documentary Dances

In this strand of work, Mobile Dance works with communities of people who are connected through a locality. We combine documentary filmmaking and dance-for-camera to create videos in which the local participants and artists "tell" about their local area and their relationship to it. 

Letters from Wuppertal

5 groups of Wuppertal residents and

5 teams of artists

present 5 short films

about their favourite locations in Wuppertal.


Postcards from...

Since 2019, groups of people in locations in the UK and Germany have been working with local artists to create short dance documentary films - dancing postcards - about their homes.

(2009 - ....)

In Residence: On Tradition

12 people,

12 films,

1 street

An installation of video portraits of 12 people working on Badstrasse, Berlin. 

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