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"I don't dance" - Dance in schools


I don't dance is an ironic title for the branch of Mobile Dance's work with young people in education. It is a phrase we sometimes hear when we start working with a class - and one which has never yet proven to be true. We think we can inspire anyone to enjoy dance and to enjoy co-creating with movement. 

Mobile Dance's founder, Jo Parkes, has almost a two decades of experience of working in schools. She started out teaching in a secondary school in London. Jo has worked with school and project development with countless schools and many arts organisations including: TanzZeit (Berlin), DanceXchange (Birmingham), Dance East (Nottingham), East London Dance (London), La Dansa va a Scuola (Rome) and Kulturprojekte (Berlin). She was instrumental in the development of artist support and training at TanzZeit, the largest dance in schools programme in Germany, where she was head of the work in schools from 2011 - 2014. 

All the artists working for Mobile Dance are specially trained to work with young people and are coached regularly by the leadership team. We offer projects tailored to the needs of each school and class with whom we work, so feel free to contact us to discuss formats. We can work weekly for long periods of time, in intensive project blocks and with AGs. We work with live dance and dance on video.


Mobile Dance works regularly with teachers, supporting them in integrating movement and dance into their teaching practise and with artists developing their skills in work with young people. 

"The teaching was high calibre. I appreciated the level of skill…genuine warmth, enthusiasm, compassion, clarity and attention to individuals." 

Participant, London, England


"I have nothing to compare this course to. Am leaving with a sense of wonder and possibility." 

Participant, Vancouver, Canada


"It's always a delight to commission Jo to run a project with my students. Her expertise in the fields of choreography & dance education enables her to inspire the students with new & exciting approaches to creating dance, as well as challenging them to develop high quality work - many students that have worked with Jo are amazed by what they have achieved during a project. As a teacher, I also value the opportunity to work with Jo. It's great to work with such a supportive and generous artist who doesn't hesitate to share her ideas. "

Laura Davies, Teacher of Dance, England

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