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"Linked #1

an installation cycle with 4 men from 4 generations


being a father

being a son

holding on

letting go

Linked #1 investigates the relationship between four generations of men and the role aging plays in this. The dancers are aged 11 - 82. 


What does one generation inherit from the next? How conscious is this “passing on” and does this change as one gets older? How do adult children experience the shift of role when a parent ages? As parents and children, how do we learn to let go? Which strategies help us to cope with loss? What role does frustration play in aging and supporting someone as they age? And fear?How does migration affect what one generation gives to the next? How can you be strong when you feel weak? 


Linked #1 is a four hour installation performance cycle for gallery spaces. Entrance is possible at any time. The audience may enter and leave whenever they wish and return as often as they like.

The audience is invited to move freely around the performance. 

What the audience said:

"What amazing dancers and such beautiful and moving choreography. I was so impressed to see such graceful men, full of emotion at all stages in was mesmerising."


“I loved it - very deep and touching, funny and beautiful work!” 


“I found today so beautiful and touching. I wish I could have stayed longer. The rhythm of the piece was like watching the waves come in."


“...very impressive. Intense, surprising, and very touching.”

The research and development for Linked #1 was done with many different groups over several years with professional and non-professional performers in Berlin, Muich and Ludwigsburg. Fiona Edwards and Jo Parkes created a short trio for three women in 2014 which was the initial seed of the project. Thanks to all the dancers who researched with us in the creation of the piece, in particular to Andrea Marton, Christine Schmidt and Alex B. Thanks to Barbara Weidner. 

Artistic direction: Jo Parkes

By and with: Oscar Foerster, Kaveh Ghaemi, Ludger Lamers and Colin McLean

Live sound composition: Marcelo Schmittner

Music: “Stroker” by Hildur Guonadóttir, “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin, “Fugue 1” by Johann Sebastian Bach, “Fugue 2” by Johan Sebastian Bach,  “Into Warmer Air” by Hildur Guonadóttir

Production: Mobile Dance e.V.

Photographer: Marion Borriss

A Mobile Dance project with the support of Tanzpfennig and a research scholarship from the mayor of Berlin, Department of Culture and Europe. Partners: K-Salon, ZUsammenKUNFT, Uferstudios.

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