Photo Elly Clarke
Photo Jo Parkes

Mobile Dance creates participative dance projects which support individuals in the development of mobility: in their bodies, personal development and relationship to the world around them.  

We work with co-creative processes. We understand co-creative processes as research for collective living: a laboratory in which people with different life experiences can investigate themes which concern them. Co-creative processes leave everyone involved in them changed. These processes contribute to the development of individuals and communities as well as, self-evidently, 

contributing to the development of the art- form.

Our offer is wide: dance in schools, intergenerational projects, documentary/dance video and since 2014, JUNCTION, a project working continuously with families in 5 accommodation centres for refugees in Berlin. Mobile Dance has worked internationally with partners in the UK, Germany, Sweden, USA, Italy, Canada, Cambodia and Ethiopia, 


Mobile Dance was founded by dance artist Jo Parkes in 2006 and became an NGO in 2016.


The team currently working on Mobile Dance projects  includes: Isack Abeneko, Florian Bilbao, Sophie Brunner, Francisco Cuervo, Viviana Defazio,  Elena Dragonetti, Forough Fami, Kaveh Ghaemi, Bella Hager, Chada Halwani, Abdullah Hatem, Frhad Jafaar, Mattef Kuhlmey, Camille Lacadee,  Lara Martelli, Lea Martini, Michele Meloni,  Lilly Pohlmann, Kiana Rezvani, Marcel Schmitter, Kira Senkpiel, Natalia Torales, Marianne Tuckman, Barbara Weidner, Elisa Zucchetti.

Pictures by Marion Borriss, Rosa Verhoeve, Ute Freund, Elly Clarke.