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Postcards from...

Berlin (2009 and 2013), east London (2012), Bremerhaven (2015).

In each city, groups of local people chose a location where they wanted to make a "moving postcard": iconic view, secret tipp, favourite corner...

Local artist teams of choreographer, filmmaker and composer worked with the groups.


Postcards from... is a project about the importance of place and the people who happen share it. 


We are still doing this project and are happy to work with you should you want to bring it to where you live.  

Postcards from...

Postcards from...

Chemical Reactions - Postcards from Lina Morgenstern (2012)

German Dry Docks

Alte Bürger


Tower - Postcards from Lina Morgenstern (2012)



Flak Tower - Postcards from Berlin (2009)

Bancroft library

Stepney Green Football Pitch

Whitechapel Market

Real Taste, Mile End

Mile End Skate Park

Angel Alley

Soft Whip, Smithy Street

Hamme Lou

Bow Road

Bancroft library

Mediterraneo-HD 1080p

Galerie der 7 Millionen


Kreuzfahrt Terminal

Skatepark Leherheide

Smoker's Corner - Postcards from Lina Morgenstern (2012)

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