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JUNCTION - Dance in the context of flight, migration and asylum. 

Since 2014, Mobile Dance offers dance workshops in accommodation centres for refugees in Berlin. We now have 5 long-term partnerships with centres across Berlin and work with a team of around 30 artists and with hundreds of families each year. The project combines the approaches of dance artists with specialist educators to support children and their families in coping with the repercussions of traumatic experiences, arriving in Berlin and managing their current challenging living situation.

Our motto is "we come to stay". We are continuously growing, but we only build up new partnerships when the existing ones are stable. The artists teach once a week, every week and the project becomes an integral part of each centre with which we work. The focus is upon a trauma- and diversity-sensitive body training which activates inner resources, develops stamina and strength, and counters the effects of anxiety and stress through breathing and touch. Another important element is improvisation, supporting the participants to be in the "here and now". Co-creative choreographic processes work with themes relevant to the young people to offer a place to investigate issues affecting them and to expand their own agency and creative potential.

STRONGER - A short film with mothers and children about what makes you stronger. By Jo Parkes, Ute Freund and Christiane Schniebel. 

SKYLINE - A festival of performances with young people and the artistic team. By Sven O. Hill and Christiane Schniebel. 

MOTHER - A short film with mothers and children about motherhood. By Jo Parkes, Ute Freund and Christiane Schniebel.

TANZPARTY Trailer - A look inside a dance party, an quarterly event at Uferstudios. By Sven O. Hill

Every 12 weeks, the families meet at the Tanzparty (dance party) with hundreds of Berliners at Uferstudios. Professional dance artists and musicians present their work alongside the children and young people. After the performances, the Danceoke fills the dance floor with people strutting their stuff, trying to keep pace with the dance videos from around the world. The Tanzparty is a celebration of a diverse city, welcoming newcomers, as well as a platform for the work of newly arrived artists who want to network into the Berlin performance scene.


JUNCTION actively recruits artists who have arrived as refugees and those with an experience of migration. The Tanzparty is co-hosted by Nada Al Aswad, who took part in JUNCTION when she arrived and we offer assistent roles to artists wanting to gather experience of working in this field. All artists are trained in diversity- and trauma-sensitive approaches, receive regular coaching from project founders Jo Parkes and Barbara Weidner, and meet once every 12 weeks for an artist exchange. The multi-professional partnership of Parkes and Weidner is the foundation of the project, bringing together the experise of Parkes in participative dance, that of Weidner, a education specialist in supporting families who have experienced trauma.

JUNCTION has become a model of good practice in Germany and abroad. Parkes and Weidner are often invited to speak and lead workshops on the approach (workshops/presentations in Sweden, Italy, UK and Germany in partnership with the Foundation for Community Dance, ZZT, Bern University, Kultur i Vast, DOCH among others). In 2016, Parkes co-founded a working group on dance with refugees with the National Union of Dance in Schools and Parkes and Weidner worked with the Union on the publication "Dance with Refugees", along with a list fo recommendations for artists working in the field. Mobile Dance is part of ZUsammenKUNFT and Berlin Mondiale.


We are currently beginning work on the transfer of the project to the refugee camps on the edge of Europe. 

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We are always looking for partners to support us in fundraising for this important project. Sustaining the week by week continuation of the work, so vital in this context, needs many friends and supporters to make it possible. 


If you would like to help us with fundraising or donate yourself please contact:


With many thanks to our funders and partners

JUNCTION ist Teil von Berlin Mondiale. Berlin Mondiale ist ein Projekt in Trägerschaft des Kulturnetzwerkes Neukölln e.V. Berlin Mondiale wir gefördert durch die Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Europa. 

Die Veranstaltung wird gefördert von ChanceTanz, einem Projekt des „Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen e. V.“ im Rahmen des Programms „Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung“ des BMBF.