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We have worked with intergenerational groups since our foundation, often on projects which bring together people of different ages to explore topics of interest to the group. Western society is aging and we are challenged by increasing poverty and isolation of elderly people. In our work, we offer opportunities for elderly dancers, whatever their age, to sustain physical fitness, mental aquity and also to develop/maintain social connections. In the pieces we make, working with professional and non-professional dancers of all ages, we aim to offer an alternative visions for aging, one which vaues life experience and creates spaces for future generations to engage with the lived experience of their elders. 

Linked #1

A performance installation for four men aged 11 - 82 about being a father, being a son, holding on, letting go...


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A Life in Objects

A trio in which the dancers tell their life story

through 3 objects.



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Fruit Pieces

An installation piece about the value of a human life

measured in oranges.

(2009 and 2015)

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On Beauty

A work-in-progress created and performed in a hairdresser salon and a barber shop.


Between the Bricks

A site-specific community dance performance at the Berlin wall memorial.


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