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Invitation to online public events from MA Dance: Participation, Communities, Activism 28/29 Nov

Dear friends, students, colleagues and supporters,

You are invited to join the international learning community of the MA Dance: Participation, Communities, Activism at London Contemporary Dance School for two discursive events. The course was co-written and is now led by Mobile Dance's founder and artistic director Jo Parkes.

Tue 28 Nov, 16.30 - 17.30 IN CONVERSATION

Students, staff and the Curatorial Team in conversation about the curatorial themes of the course for 2023 - 2024: care, crossings, resistance.

Wed, 29 Nov, 17.10 - 18.10 TURN IT OVER

Get to know the members of the Curatorial team of MA Dance: Participation, Communities, Activism in a card game of unexpected questions and professional confessions.

Both events are hybrid. You can attend either in-person or online on Zoom. Tickets to join online are free and can be booked on the following links:

Tue 28 Nov, IN CONVERSATIONBook Here

Wed, 29 Nov, TURN IT OVERBook Here

These events are part of FISH TANK, a festival of contemporary dance presented by the LCDS current Masters students on all four postgraduate courses. The festival, taking place across five days at The Place and Studio Wayne McGregor in London, offers an encounter with transdisciplinary approaches that manifest new ideas on dance performance and presentation, dance making and the un-making of worlds. If you choose attend live, you will be able to see the work of students on the other MAs. There is pay what you can system for live tickets.

If you have any questions, please email

We look forward to seeing you live or online!

With best wishes,

Jo Parkes (Course leader)

Members of the Curatorial Team: Dana Yahalomi, Dr Nora Amin, Dr Funmi Adewole Elliot and Dr Ruth Pethybridge

Students: Joseph Jeffers, Anno Bolender, Gladys Agulhas, Filip Kijowski, Marília Bassetto Coelho, Andrea Carmona Hernandez, Bianca Kruppa


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