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Moving the Forum (AT) FAQs

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Is the meeting on Tuesday 24th March at 13.30 taking place?

Yes - we will meet on Zoom. There is a post below this one with the address where you can connect to the meeting or the link also pops up when you access the mobile dance website.

Will you extrend the deadline due to the Corona Virus situation?

The application process happens digitally so there is no necessity to meet in person in order to apply. We do not think it necessary for us to extend the deadline. We would like, if possible, to stick to our timeline so we can select the artists in time to start the process of working together before the summer break. If course, we are aware that the tour of the site in June and the LABS in September may be problematic. We will let the selected artists know should we need to postpone these.

Is the one month residency full time?

Each artist is paid for a full-time residency and will be expected to work a certain number of hours on their residency. However, some community groups will not be able to be in residence for a month at Humboldt Forum. Some groups may need to work one a week for several months and then have an intensive week (school groups for example). Some groups may need to work at weekends over several months. We will try to be flexible in how residencies are constructed while also balancing the needs of all groups, our project management capacity and the capacity of the Humboldt Forum.

We want to apply as a team. Do we all have to write an application?

Yes. Please each of you apply and state at the top of your application that you are applying as a team. Please also indicate if you will ONLY work as a team or if you are willing to be recombined with other applicants if this is necessary/desirable. Should we suggest recombinations we will of course do this in consultation with you and you are free to refuse the suggestion. If you only wish to work as a team we will consider your application only as a team.

If we apply as a team can we send 30 minutes of video?

You should apply separately and each of you should send 10 minutes of video showing your work. If you only work as a collective and want to use the same 10 minutes of material this is fine.

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