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Launch of digital dance workshops for children and young people.

No one can leave the shelters in Berlin. No one can leave their homes. No one is allowed to visit the shelters. Okay. Let's do things differently.

Mobile Dance is happy to be working with Berlin Mondiale on their multi-language Youtube channel for children and young people.

The channel Mondiale Live launches today at 16.00 and will stream workshops from Berlin Mondiale partners every day.

Florian Bilbao will get the digital dance workshops rolling in German and French today at 16.45. THANK YOU Florian!

On Monday Kaveh Ghaemi takes up the baton in German and Farsi. Pass it on!

We will collect all the 30 minute dance workshops on the Mobile Dance website so you can access them whenever you want.

A huge THANK YOU to Barbara Weidner for working so fast to get this up!

And a reminder that the open call for Moving the Forum (AT) ends on TUESDAY 31.3.2020. Let's keep realising the dream about the time next year when we will be able to dance together again... You can find the call on the Mobile Dance website.

Stay healthy - dance at home!

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