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The Walking Project wins an IKARUS 21.0 award

With our partner, FELD Theatre for Young Audiences, Mobile Dance is pleased to announce that The Walking Project will tomorrow, Friday November 12th, be one of 10 pieces created with and for young people in Berlin which will receive a special edition of the IKARUS award.

The IKARUS award is presented annually to recognise a Berlin-created theatre production for young people. This year is a special edition. The presenter of the award, the Youth Culture Service writes:

"With the special issue IKARUS 21.0, we want to honour innovative examples of the creative and pioneering approaches of theatres in times of pandemic, which enable children and young people to experience theatre and stay in touch with and through culture."

We congratulate our fellow award winners and are looking forward to screening our short trailer of the performance for the first time tomorrow. The Walking Project was co-created with many people and I, Jo Parkes, want to thank everyone who walked with us, both in the creative process and in the performance, which is made new each time in the creative exchange between the performers and the "walkers" who attend. In particular, I want to thank Gabi dan Droste for her tireless championing of our work and the core team Marcelo Schmittner, Viviana Defazio and Kaveh Ghaemi.

It is somewhat ironic that today the organiser had to cancel the live ceremony and shift to a live-stream event as the pandemic in Berlin is again accelerating. As we reflect upon and celebrate creativity in how performance makers responded to the first shut-down, we are receiving new restrictions and our encounter tomorrow will be at distance and online. I hope the evening might offer some inspiration for strategies as we continue to manage the impact of the pandemic on an art form of encounter, where the meeting of bodies in time and space is essential. I offer my solidarity to all my colleagues as we look with some trepidation at what the winter may bring.

There will be a live stream from ATZE Theatre at 18.00 (17.00 GMT) tomorrow here:

Photos by Marta Maluva

Dancers: Aymara Viviana Defazio, Toby Foerster, Ziv Frankel, Kaveh Ghaemi, Hannah Piro, Marcelo Schmittner, Jan Sundermeyer, Maria Wollny

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